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Get Involved with Us

We believe that by writing these chapters together, we can make an even greater impact.
We are always open for collaboration. Here are some ways you can collaborate with us:

If you are from a company or an institution...

Your company can sponsor Solar Chapter's initiatives and projects, providing financial support that will enable the organization to reach more communities in need. This can be a great way for your company to show commitment to social responsibility and make a tangible impact in the world.

In-kind donations: Companies can donate products or services that will directly benefit Solar Chapter's work, such as water purification systems, transportation equipment, or technical expertise. These contributions can be a valuable resource for the organization and help them to reach more communities in need.

Here are some companies who helped amplify our mission:

We believe that organizing online events, webinars, or podcasts is a great way to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people who have to walk long distances to access clean water. You can invite experts, activists, and representatives of Solar Chapter to discuss the issues and solutions related to clean water and clean energy. We hope these events on social media platforms and other media channels can help Solar Chapter reach a wider audience and generate more interest in their cause.

These events can also provide an opportunity for us to showcase our initiatives, success stories, and upcoming campaigns or fundraising efforts. We can use these events to engage with our audience, answer their questions, and encourage them to get involved and support our cause.

If you are a media agency...

We are always open for a collaboration! Drop us a message.


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