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Get Involved with Us

We believe that by writing these chapters together, we can make an even greater impact.
We are always open for collaboration. Here are some ways you can collaborate with us:

If you are from a company or an institution...

1. CSR

We are open to help you direct your CSR funds to make sure people in rural areas can gain access to clean water and quality education. 

2. Profit sharing

Through this method, you can:

  • share a certain percentage of your profit to donate to our projects,

  • share a certain percentage in each product you sold. For example, “For every 1 cup of cappuccino you purchased, 5% of its proceeds will go to Solar Chapter…” or

  • you can make a joint event or a product where the profits from these specific events/products will be donated to our organization. For example, making a one-time painting workshop or a Solar Chapter edition tote bag.

If you are a media agency...

1. Online event, webinar, or podcast

If you have a topic in mind that is related to us and would help us spread the message about our work, you can also contact us to be a speaker at your event.


2. Media partner

We hope to continue growing and increasing our exposure to the world. We are always looking for media partners to help spread our message and would really love your help to do them.

3. Collaborative posts

An example of this is making an educative feature to spread awareness on the issue or promoting our work. Here's an example:

We are always open for a collaboration! Drop us a message.


Thanks for submitting! Our representative will contact you soon through the email address you've provided in 1-2 business days.




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