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Our story started
one Chapter at a time.

Our First Chapter

Many communities in NTT live far away from clean water sources, they have to hike 2-3 hours while carrying heavy jerry cans every day to get clean water. Children would start walking hours before dawn to collect water for their homes and schools. By the time they arrive at school, they are extremely tired and unable to learn properly. Solar Chapter tries to eradicate that issue by installing solar powered water pumps.

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Nearly 30 million people in Indonesia lack access to safe drinking water. We are on a mission to change that by implementing solar powered pumps. 


1 in 5 people in the Indonesian workforce are elementary school graduates. We are committed provide students with adequate learning materials and improve their learning environment.


Our Second Chapter

Solar Chapter decided to make Education as its second chapter after seeing the students of SDN As Manulea during their first implementation visit for Chapter 1: Water for Umutnana. SDN As Manulea did not have running water in the school, which resulted in a poor sanitary and unhealthy condition in the school environment. The successful creation of new water channels, during Solar Chapter’s first project, led our team to believe the greater good we can engender to other places outside of Umutnana.

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 MAKNA, which means “purpose” in Indonesia, to showcase the beautiful Tenun heritage of the locals.

Our Third Chapter
Community Development

Continuing on with the success of Chapters One and Two, we launch our initiative called MAKNA (/mak·na/) which means “purpose”. We aim to elevate the voices of the women through exhibiting and promoting their tenun heritage to the global community. Therefore, women in the villages can use 4 hours that they used previously to obtain water more productively.

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