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A Letter
from Our Founder

Back in 2017, I started Solar Chapter during my senior year at the University of Illinois. I saw a big gap in living conditions between rural and urban areas, especially when it came to basic needs like electricity and infrastructure. I realized that electricity could do more than just provide light; it could improve people's lives through education, healthcare, and economic growth.

When I visited a remote village called Umutnana in eastern Indonesia, I saw the harsh reality of people walking for hours just to get water. That experience led me to create Solar Chapter, a platform for young people to get involved in rural development. I believed many young Indonesians wanted to help their country but didn't know how. I was passionate about rural development and believed in the power of solar energy to make a difference in communities that needed it.

Over six years, our work has gone beyond providing clean water. We've improved hygiene, health, and education by bringing electricity to these communities, allowing them to shower regularly. We've also helped with economic empowerment and climate resilience, making life better for these communities.


Our job isn't finished yet. We are committed to providing clean water to the communities that need it most, ensuring it's available for future generations.

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The Key to Climate Resilience: Access to Water | Mustika Wijaya | TEDxJakarta
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