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A Story of Innovation 

Founded in 2017, Solar Chapter is a nonprofit to holistically aid the development of rural areas in Indonesia

The Vision

To be a catalyst for the community all around the world especially students to give back to Indonesia through innovative and sustainable ways

The Mission

To improve quality of life in aspects that are often neglected by the public with sustainable method

To serve as a platform for students in applying their knowledge and skills to contribute for society

The Need for Solar Chapter

Mustika Wijaya, a student at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign from Indonesia, had always felt a strong push to help Indonesia's rural areas. Ever since she was young, her parents would often take her with them to villages in the underprivileged parts of Indonesia as part of community service. She was taught that helping others is what brings true happiness. During these trips throughout her childhood, one thing stood out to her: these villages do not have electricity she was accustomed to back in the city that brought about lighting, cooking, water, etc. Ika decided early on that she would study electrical engineering in hopes to change her country. 

In December 2016, she felt the urge to help villages in Indonesia but wasn't quite sure how to. She started by doing her research:  visiting villages and talking to the people about their daily lives trying to figure out what they needed the most. It was during that trip she saw people walking hours on foot for clean water for the first time. With that, she knew she wanted to help them get easier access to clean water. Ika along with her colleague Edwint, the co-founder of Solar Chapter, spearheaded the first water project for Umutanana Village. And what they thought would be a one-time project turned quickly into lifetime project. A year later, Solar Chapter is born.

Every story has its journey. Here's ours! 






Solar Chapter was founded in Indonesia

Started our first Chapter 1: Water in Umutnana

Expanded to Four Branches in Michigan, Seattle and Purdue

First Project Completed

Started our first Chapter 2: Education in As Manulea

Expanded to Seven Branches in Indiana. 

Expanded to Six Branches in Melbourne and Madison.

Started our Chapter 3: Community Development as Kain Makna

Expanded to Nine Branches in Vancouver and Hong Kong.

Legal Status


Akta Pendirian Notaris & PPAT Irma Bonita, S.H. di Jakarta nomor 18 tanggal 8 Juni 2020

Akta Perubahan Notaris & PPAT Irma Bonita, S.H. di Jakarta nomor 22 tanggal 23 Mei 2022

Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan HAM Republik Indonesia nomor AHU-0009284.AH.01.04. Tahun 2022

Penerbitan Perizinan Berusaha Berbasis Risiko Nomor Induk Berusaha di Jakarta tanggal 20 Juli 2020

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