Seattle Metropolitan Area

In Solar Chapter Seattle, we believe in kindness and that there is no such thing as a world without love. We believe that the journey to share kindness, no matter how bumpy it is, can be overcome only if we dare enough to think that we can.

The simple belief is what drives us to who we are today. Over the past three years, we have successfully built water projects in Biau and Fatoin, helping more than 1000 families who were struggling just to get water. From the series of thorough technical analyses, marketing plan, fundraising event, and sponsorship reach out-- the Directors and Officers of Solar Chapter Seattle have seen that the greatest honor in life is the moment when we see our hard work can truly bring happiness to the people we help.

As we look forward to the 2021-2022 project year, we are launching another water project in Kareka Nduku, Sumba Regency. It becomes our team's objective to upscale the standards, nail the project, and deliver it-- whatever it takes!