Chapter 1: Water

Why Water?

Many communities in NTT live far away from clean water sources, they have to hike 2-3 hours while carrying heavy jerry cans every day to get clean water. Children would start walking hours before dawn to collect water for their homes and schools. By the time they arrive at school, they are extremely tired and unable to learn properly. Solar Chapter tries to eradicate that issue by installing solar powered water pumps.

Our Water Project Timeline


September - October

November - July

July - August

Every 6 Months After Implementation

Site Visit

During our annual site visit to Nusa Tenggara Timur, we also visit several villages that we would help in the next year.

Data Collection

After we get back from our site visit, we gather additional data from local governments and interviews with the local villagers and their head.

Planning & Fundraising

The headquarters team will distribute projects to the branches. During this time, each branch plan and execute their fundraising and technical strategies individually with supervision from the headquarters.

Preparation for Implementation

After we secure the funding for all projects, we prepare the logistics and itinerary for all of the project implementation visit.

Project Implementation

We visited all of our project locations for implementation, documentation with the help from our sponsors and the villagers as well.

Follow Up

Our main goal as a nonprofit organization is creating sustainable solutions for all the stakeholders that we are helping. Doing so, we keep track of the village and how we are impacting their lives.

Past Projects


Water for Biau

Regency: North Central Timor
Project Year: 2020-2021


Water for Umutnana

Regency: Belu
Project Year: 2017-2018


Water for Anapalu

Regency: Central Sumba
Project Year: 2018-2020


Water for As Manulea

Regency: Belu
Project Year: 2018-2019


Water for Fatoin

Regency: North Central Timor
Project Year: 2020-2021

Copy of IMG_6653.HEIC

Water for Nibaaf

Regency: North Central Timor
Project Year: 2020-2021