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No more walking
hours for water 

For decades, men, women, and children,
have to walk 3-4 hours through
extreme terrains for water every day.

We’re on a mission to change that. In the last seven years, Solar Chapter has...

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We make impact through our chapters

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Nearly 30 million people in Indonesia lack access to safe drinking water. We are on a mission to change that by implementing solar powered pumps.

1 in 5 people in the Indonesian workforce are elementary school graduates. We are committed to provide students with adequate learning materials and improve their learning environment.

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Given that villagers' income falls below the average, we aim to empower and promote the locals' work while also helping them get additional income. We launched an initiative called MAKNA, which means “purpose” in Indonesia, to showcase the beautiful Tenun heritage of the locals.

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Mengalir Sampai Anak Cucu

We foster collaboration and empower communities to take ownership and responsibility for their systems. We believe that the burden of walking hours for water should not be perpetuated across generations, but rather, access to clean water should flow seamlessly to future generations.

In our 6 years journey, our commitment has always been about than just implementing water systems; it’s about creating a legacy of lasting impact. Our impact reaches far beyond just saving time. 

Read more stories of how water changes lives

From implementation stories to stories about our community, each story is a way to look beyond the number and see the impact when we invest in water

Witness the real-life challenges faced by our communities and our collaborative efforts
to deliver water to their doorsteps

Let's ensure only clean water, hope,
and equal opportunity

flows for generations.

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