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Water is a
human right,
NOT a privilege.

Together with
Solar Chapter to
End Water Crisis
using Clean Energy

Solar Chapter is a nonprofit organization aimed at improving life in Indonesia's remote areas through water access, education, and community development by engaging young people in our efforts.

Our Program Pillars

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Community Collaboration

We're working hand in hand with the local community every step of the way. They're not just giving input; they're actively shaping and carrying out our programs alongside us. Their involvement is what gives our work its genuine, cozy feel.

Long-lasting Impact

We don't just hit 'done' and move on. We're all about leveling up: training, empowering local squads, and staying on our grind with Water IQ. We're not just about the impact; we're about that lasting glow-up.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability is the core of what we do, showcased by our solar-powered water pumps. Harnessing Indonesia's plentiful sunlight, these eco-friendly systems offer a smart, affordable solution aligned with our vision for a greener future.

Our Journey

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Broadening Horizons

Local Success, Global Goals

Expanded to education and
community development,
launching Kain Makna.

Completed 13 water projects,
expanding to Sumba & Flores.

First drop, Big dream

Started with the simple question “How can we contribute to Indonesia?” Found water issues in Umutnana Village, NTT. Raised $20,000 to build a water system using a solar powered water pump.

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Going Global

Took projects worldwide, aiding
426 students and increasing water
efforts during COVID-19.

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Growing Impact

Completed 16 projects, helping
over 16,000 people in NTT.
Ready for more in 2024.

Our Founder

Starting her journey as an undergraduate student with a desire to aid rural communities, Mustika has now dedicated six years to addressing the issue of clean water. Her unwavering commitment and innovative solutions have earned her recognition as the youngest Obama Scholar for 2022/2023.

Our Team

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

Get to know the passionate team driving Solar Chapter's mission to address the water crisis head-on. Each member, many of whom volunteer their time, contributes their unique skills and heartfelt dedication to our shared goal of pioneering sustainable solutions.

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Solar Chapter’s Legal Status

US officially a 501(c)(3) organization since Dec 04, 2018

Deed of Establishment of Notary & Land Deed Official Irma Bonita, S.H. in Jakarta number 18 dated June 8, 2020

Deed of Amendment of Notary & Land Deed Official Irma Bonita, S.H. in Jakarta number 22 dated May 23, 2022

Decision of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia number AHU-0009284.AH.01.04. Year 2022

Issuance of Risk-Based Business Licensing Registration Number in Jakarta dated July 20, 2020

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