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Since 2017, We've been on a mission that goes beyond solving water crisis. We're empowering remote communities through education and development initiatives. With your support, we're not just moving forward — we're building resilience to climate challenges, one step at a time.

21,468 people


19 villages


45.082 hours

Per day saved

446 youth



Sustainable Development Goals

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Hope and water open doors to endless possibilities. Our projects go beyond just water – they create thriving gardens.
With nearby water, communities can grow and sell vegetables, boosting their income.

It's not just about water; it's about empowerment and growth.

Mama Yohanna

Water For Umutnana 2018

"Since the water supply improved in the village, Mama Yohanna has been able to cultivate a garden, and the produce is sold in the market. Now, thanks to the proceeds from gardening, Mama Yohanna’s children can pursue higher education in Malang."

Mama Beatrix.JPG

Mama Beatrix

Water For Nibaaf 2021

“I can now garden vegetables in my own backyard because clean water access nearby, it just takes 1 minutes for me to get water now because there is one fiber and faucet in our house.”

Health and Well-being

With nearby water access, communities flourish.
People can shower daily, and healthcare no longer suffers from water shortages.
It's more than water; it's about empowering well-being and fostering a healthier community.

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With access to nearby water, communities thrive, enabling children and teachers
to attend school without the burden of carrying jerrycans or facing water shortages on school.
It's more than just about water; it's about empowerment and fostering growth through education.

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Student, 12yo

“I often have to wake up at 4am in the morning just to get water, and when I arrived at school at 8 am, I was already tired. I would be so happy if I had the time to play soccer after school, but I never had the chance because I need to get water.
But now clean water access nearby, I can play soccer after school and take a bath after that.”

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Mama Dirsiana

Kindergarten Teacher, 25yo

“When I sprained, slipped or bled, I had to force myself to stand and continue the journey to get water since I needed to survive. But now I'm grateful that the school where I teach has access to water. As a kindergarten teacher working with 5-year-old children, I understand the vital importance of water.”

Where We Work

2023: A Year Of Collaborative Progress

Another year of unwavering dedication to clean water has brought us immense joy. Our collective efforts have marked significant milestones in our journey to eradicate the water crisis, with nearly six thousands more individuals gaining access to clean and safe water.

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