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Stories from Anapalu

Name: Dirsiana

Age: 25

Gender: female

Job: Kindergarten Teacher

Every day, I have to take water with jerry cans. It’s hard, but I still have to take water. I would wrap cloth around my head and then put jerry cans above it. Usually the amount of jerry cans will differ among people.

During summer, I usually bring water five times a day. I have to walk through mountains that are located so far away just to get water. I fell very often. There’s one time where I fell until it’s hard for me to walk. However, I have no choice since I have no water and money for medication.

When I sprained, slipped or bleed, I had to force myself to stand and continue the journey to get water since I needed to survive.

I’m thankful that there’s water in the school that I teach. As a kindergarten teacher teaching 5 years old kids, I know that water is so important. However, in the sub-village that I live in, access to water is hard and is located far away. I remembered when I was 5 years old, I was asked to bring a plastic water bottle and walk through mountains to get water. When I was 7, I had to bring jerry cans to get water even though I was still young at that time. This is not just my story, but the story of every child in Anapalu village. They feel the same way as me but we all have no choice but to do it.


Name : Nande

Age : 12 (Grade 8)

Gender: male

Job : student

I am 12 years old and I was told to bring 2 jerry cans two times a day. It’s really far and heavy to bring those jerry cans but I never complain. If I fall, I never cry. If I bleed, I also don’t cry. I will just continue to walk and get water.

I often have to wake up at 4am in the morning just to get water. At 8am, I arrive at school already tired. After I finish school, I have to walk to get water again. I would be so happy if I had the time to play soccer after school, but I never had the chance because I need to get water.

This is because water is more important for me because I need water to drink, wash clothes and for food. I really want to play soccer more often without thinking that I have to get water. If later there is water access, I want to play soccer more often.


Name: Roti jawa

Age: 84 Gender: male Job: Farmer

Water is the source of life for me. It's hard to get water. We are considered poor because we don't have water. Water is much needed everyday for drinking, cooking, and my plantations. During dry seasons, it is very difficult, almost impossible to plant at all. For farmers like me, working in the rice fields is very difficult here, we can only work mostly if there is rain.

The difficulty of the lack of water is that it can only be taken from Weiliang cave. It's hard to find water in other places. It can only happen if it's the rainy season and an overflow will happen in the street like sewer water. So it is difficult to take water because we don't have any tools.

When water is distributed, if possible, I will use it to process vegetables, as it can be use for the needs of my family. If there is a lot of water access, I hope we can use the water to farm so we are not poor.

My hope is to use the water for my life needs and also for my grandchildren so that they can live a calm life without thinking about the difficulty to get water and the illness that occurs due to poor water sanitation in the village. If we drink rain water, often we and the kids directly get a fever. We hope our grandchild doesn't worry about water any more.

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