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Solar Powered Pump Systems

16.825 Villagers

get clean water access 3 minutes away from their houses

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19 Pumps

has been installed in 19 villages in East Nusa Tenggara

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208 faucets

has been installed in 19 villages and it takes maximum 3 meters walk away from their home

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106,960 kwp

have been generated by solar panels to power water pumps.

Solar panels are the best choice for powering
water pumps in Eastern Indonesia
for a few simple reasons:

Low Operational Costs

Once installed, solar panels bring minimal operational costs. They're also a breeze to take care of. Communities can quickly learn maintenance, which is simpler than other power sources. So, if any issues arise, they can try fixing them independently before seeking outside help."

Lasts a Long Time

Solar panels can last over 25 years with proper care, providing a stable and long-lasting solution for powering water pumps.

Lots of Sunlight

NTT gets a ton of sunlight, and solar panels turn that sunlight into electricity to run water pumps.

Clean and Renewable

Solar energy is clean and won't run out. It doesn't produce pollution, making it good for the environment.

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By using solar panels, we can tackle water scarcity in a way that's good
for the environment and sustainable for the long term.

Water IQ: Innovation in

Water Resource Management

We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in effective and sustainable water management. With advanced technology and an innovative approach, we address key challenges in water resource management, especially in remote and off-grid locations.

Why Water IQ?
Solutions for
Contemporary Challenges

Cost Efficiency in Monitoring


Ensuring Project Sustainability


Accuracy and Reliability of Data


Water IQ Monitoring
Platform: Convenience,
Scalability, Insight

Remote Monitoring


Easy Installation and Scalability


Actionable Insight


We are committed to transforming the face of water resource management with innovation and technology. We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving efficiency, sustainability, and success in every water management project.

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