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Every day, they carry heavy jerrycans for 2-3 hours just to get water.

This situation detrimentally influences the villagers’ education and health. It makes life difficult and keeps kids from attending school. They have to wake up early to fetch water for their homes and schools, leaving them tired and unable to focus on learning.

Lack of clean water not only affects hygiene but also leads to illnesses from contaminated water. Sadly, these challenges hinder education and health. Solar Chapter aims to solve this by installing solar-powered water pumps.

Solar Chapter's Approach to
Sustainable Water Solutions

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We select villages based on need, community contribution, and participation, and then socialize our programs to foster collaboration.

Design & Engineering

We gather technical data and collaborate with the villagers to design the water distribution system and simulate the pump panel.


Our fundraising approach ranges from crowdfunding to partnerships with companies.

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We manage the logistics of shipping materials, constructing reservoirs, piping distribution, and pumping systems.

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Our role extends beyond mere installation. We socialize the community about project maintenance, establish water committee , and community fund, providing them with technical and operational training.

Monitoring &

We conduct thorough evaluations 1.5 years post-implementation, monitoring both the solar pumps' performance and the water committee's effectiveness, to assess the long-term impact of our project.

Our Projects













Solar Powered Water Pump

With our Solar Powered Water Pump, sunlight becomes clean water. It's eco-friendly, affordable, and vital for remote areas. These pumps are changing lives in East Indonesia. As tech advances, our pump promises a greener future for everyone.

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