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Water for

Pada Eweta

Project Year


Project Brief

Pada Eweta is a village located in the Sumba Barat Daya regency with 794 residents who love a modest daily life routine. The majority of its people work as farmers. Their clean water source is located at higher elevation which requires walking about 30 minutes to 1 hour. In the past, they have had an existing water system (the pipes and reservoir) since 1997. Therefore, our team successfully installed the new one using HDPE Pipes and built the reservoir in a different place to prevent it from being broken by lightning again.

Project Details


794 Villagers

Average Daily Flow Rate

~47.000 L


10 meter

Branches in charge

Solar Chapter UIUC

Solar Chapter Hongkong

Implementation Journey


Day 1

Our team arrived at Bapak Odang’s place as their first stop. Then proceeded to the village to meet with the elderly the village head.They provided a warm welcome to the, then discussed our plans for the following day and reminded them how our collaboration process works to clear any doubts and prevent any further miscommunication.

Financial report

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