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Project Brief

Located in Desa Nibaaf, a village sitting in a dominantly forested region, SMKN Nibaaf is the only SMK in the district. With 125 students enrolled and 5 teachers, only 1 toilet is accessible; not only is it insufficient, sanitation is also poorly managed, posing numerous health risks to students and teachers. The school has been supplied with 17 laptops and 10 computers by the government but due to the teachers' lack of knowledge on these resources and internet connectivity, these resources have yet to benefit the quality of their education.

Project Details


118 Students

Funds raised

Rp 141 million


Education for


Implementation year: 2020

Status: Active

Implementation Journey


Phase 1: Sanitation

Two new toilets were built along with educating the students on the importance of hygiene and proper sanitation. All 125 students share one unisex toilet, of which the facility was sparsely cleaned due to the lack of a working water spout and poor architecture.


For this project, we worked together with a local contractor, CV. Lancar Jaya, to renovate and build 2 additional toilets, and also with PAMSIMAS to oversee the contractor’s progress and activity.

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