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Thank You!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” —William Arthur Ward

Solar Chapter has grown tremendously and we have everyone to thank for that. For this blog, we would like to dedicate a million thank you’s.

Thank you to the donors of Solar Chapter for your trust in our vision and mission. For your trust has built opportunities for 700 villagers in Desa Umutnana, opportunities not so long ago they thought were out of reach. Your kindness has proven that there is hope in everyone to build a better future together
Thank you to PAMSIMAS Indonesia and a special thanks to local PAMSIMAS Malaka Coordinator, Pak Yoga for personally helping us with our projects. Your time and efforts spent on believing in the youth will not go fruitless. We could not have completed our projects without PAMSIMAS and Pak Yoga’s guidance and hard work
Thank you to PERMIAS UIUC, PERMIAS UC DAVIS & future PERMIAS partners across the United States for your support and recognition of our organization. These young Indonesian leaders are promoting our culture and community 9,000 miles away from home. Solar Chapter and our members are proud that we can get your support
Thank you to Pak Pungky and Mbak Ratna from Bappenas for investing your time and efforts to help our founders find stability and success in our rocky start. Thank you for accompanying us to our site visit and giving us the guidance we need
Thank you to our founder Mustika Wijaya and our co-founders for building the strong foundation that allows us to do the work that we do
Thank you to our dedicated solar chapter teams for making everything possible and making the work all the more fun

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