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Water for


Implementation Year: 2020

Status: Running

Project Brief

Like Biau and Nibaaf, Anapalu is another village that experienced water scarcity. It is a village home to 221 people. Water scarcity significantly impacts the agricultural and communal practices that it thrives on. In addition, dire health implications, primarily stunting, runs rampant as a result of the underlying lack of access to clean water. The hilly landscape of Anapalu necessitates villagers to walk over 40-60 minutes daily under arid conditions in order to procure their daily needs for water at the nearest water source. In doing so, they are forced to divert a considerable amount of time every day away from working, learning in classrooms, or performing other duties.

Initially, Solar Chapter collaborated with PEMDA in building the solar-powered water system for Dusun 1 & 2 of Anapalu Village. However, towards the second half of our project, specifically in 2020, PEMDA was granted funding to execute this plan. Thus, Solar Chapter decided to expand our project to Dusun 4. Our plan is to divert water from the nearest water source, Mata Air Laihubu, to the village. We collaborated with Feri, an ex-UNICEF officer in Anapalu, to collect and analyze technical data, and help with our planning, communication with villagers, and execution. Ultimately, the time required to attain water would be drastically reduced from 3 hours to a mere 5 minutes.


This project was initially started in 2018. But we had to postponed it. We had an agreement with PEMDA where they would build the piping distribution system. But they cancelled. However they proceeded to do it although leaving out Dusun 4, that’s why we decided to continue this project with Dusun 4. We got help from the local Sumbanese, Feri, in Anapalu to collect data. 

Project Details


221 Villagers


60 L/Min


60 meter


24.700 L/Day

Implementation Journey


Day 1

The Solar Chapter team arrived in Sumba and made sure the materials had arrived in the village. The team also divided the tasks between each other.

Financial report

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