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Water for


Implementation year: 2020

Status: Running

Project Brief

This project took place in Desa Biau which has a population of about 782 people. Men, women and kids have to walk 2.5 miles everyday for about 2 hours, carrying heavy loads to suffice for their daily water needs as simple as drinking, cooking and showering. We believe that water is a necessity, and a basic human right. Although there is a water spring that acts as a source of water for them, it is still too far away from the village. This is only one of the many examples of the inequality in infrastructure development in Indonesia. For this reason, we hope we can help and improve the quality of life of these people, starting from their basic necessities—clean water.

Project Details


709 Villagers


120 L/Min


108 meter


172.800 L/Day

Implementation Journey


Day 1

The Solar Chapter Seattle team arrived at Kupang City from Jakarta on 2nd January 2021. There was a challenging moment when the racking and some of the accessories shipment were delayed and it ended up arriving a day late from the scheduled delivery date.


Moreover, we also faced communication problems with local technicians which caused us to push back our schedule from January 5th into January 7th. Luckily, the head of the village and PAMSIMAS personnel have many experiences in solar pumps and constructions, so they helped us a lot with the implementation.

Financial report

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