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Water for


Project Year


Project Brief

Bisesmus village is located in Laenmanen sub-district, Malaka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The village consists of 234 families. The majority of its residents work as farmers. The residents need to go through a long distance of 1.4 km for 1-2 hours to get water. They travel twice per day while carrying several jerry cans of water to meet the needs of clean water for consumption, washing clothes and dishes, raising livestock, and cultivating crops. In order to save time, some villagers decide to purchase water by allocating the majority of their unstable monthly income of Rp 350,000, sacrificing other necessities like education.

Project Details


852 Villagers


6.300 WP

Pipe Lenght

1 Km


81 meter


59.000 L/Day

Branches in charge

Solar Chapter Irvine & Taiwan

Implementation Journey


Day 1

The implementation team arrived in the evening of August 2023. Our team was greeted with the so-called 'Tarian Likurai.' Then, they had a small welcoming ceremony prepared by Desa Bisesmus. It took a whole day for our team to travel to Desa Bisesmus. The night ended with dinner and a good night's sleep before starting work the following day.

Financial report

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