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Project Brief

Boen village is home to 302 families where 94% of its residents work as farmers. The road to Boen village is poor, one would have to cross the river. Furthermore the road is not paved, therefore making it impassable when it rains. The average income of its residents is Rp453.000. Apart from farming, many residents own cattle. Cassava, corn, and mung beans are the top commodities of Boen village. Every day, Boen residents needs to walk 9 kilometers or 4-5 hours to obtain water. The elevation of the road that residents must take is 112 meters or almost the equivalent to the height of Monas (132 meters). Residents would walk while carrying 4-6 jerry cans, containing 10-30 litres.

Project Details


736 Villagers


18.540 WP

Pipe Lenght

3 Km


150 meter


56.000 L/Day

Branches in charge

Solar Chapter UIUC, Purdeu and Bay Area

Implementation Journey

DSC07087 (1).jpg

Day 1

The team arrived in Boen and immediately engaged with the local community to discuss the ongoing project. Then, conducted inspection of the progress made on the lower reservoir and continued excavation to ensure proper drainage. However, several challenges were encountered during the process such as a miscommunication regarding the depth of the lower reservoir, unreliable transportation led to delays etc. Despite these challenges, the team remained committed to overcoming obstacles and ensuring the successful completion of the project.

Financial report

Water for


Project Year


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