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Water for


Implementation year: 2020

Status: Running

Project Brief

Located in Io Kufeu, Malaka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. 786 villagers of Fatoin’s Village, East Nusa Tenggara, lack access to clean water. Most of the local people have an income below Rp400,000 and 94,8% of the locals are farmers, who depend a lot on water. Despite having a solar pump system installed beforehand, the amount of water pumped daily was not sufficient to fulfill the villagers’ daily needs. Thus, roughly two-thirds of villagers still had to walk for over 3 hours to obtain clean water each day. In addition, the mountainous path towards the village poses an issue for delivery trucks and thus creates a scarcity issue for processed water. Hence, they often had to buy water, Rp300,000 for 5000 liters which is worth one month consumption for the family.

Project Details


786 Villagers


4690 WP


55 meter


53.000 L/Day

Implementation Journey


Day 1

We flew to Kupang at 2 AM local time and got there at 6 AM. Once we arrived in Kupang, we went straight to Biau from 7 AM and got there at 4 PM. We continued our trip to Fatoin the next day riding a truck.

Financial report

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