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Project Brief

Golo Ketak village is located in West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The village consists of 228 families and 96% of its residents are farmers. The residents are forced to use water from the river which is not suitable to use because the river is also used for cattle to bathe and drink, leading to many experiencing health problems from using it to wash kitchen utensils, cook, and even drink.

Project Details


983 Villagers


1,8 Km

Pipe Lenght

3,5 Km


157 meter


48.000 L/Day

Branches in charge

Solar Chapter Seattle

Solar Chapter Japan

Water for

Golo Ketak

Project Year

2022 - present

Implementation Journey


Day 1

In August 2023, the team arrived at the village and immediately engaged with the residents to interview about understanding their needs and daily life. Additionally, the team assessed the water infrastructure, piping layout and prepared for future initiatives.

Financial report

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