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Water for

Kareka Nduku

Implementation year: 2022

Status: Running

Project Brief

In the village of Kareka Nduku, West Sumba district, there are 936 residents who live a life of simplicity. The majority of Kareka Nduku villagers work as farmers and ranchers. Ironically, the villagers of Kareka Nduku who depend a lot on agriculture for their livelihood, still have difficulty getting water for their daily lives. Residents have to walk every day through steep terrain to reach water sources. Not only adults, small children also have to cover the same distance three times in one day. The precious time they could have used for studying was taken up on the journey to fetch water.

Project Design and Simulation

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 11.39.10 AM.png

The picture is an illustration of the pump design that we will build on two hamlets in the village of Kareka Nduku. In this project, we want to pump water to two hamlets located on two opposite hills. We will pump water from a spring to a reservoir with a size of 30m^3. We use 2 different pumps which will deliver water to the reservoir from each hamlet with different elevations from the spring to the second 73m and the third 50m.

The pipe distance from the spring to the second hamlet is 650 m while the distance from the spring to the third hamlet is 695 m. Next, from the reservoir of each hamlet, we will channel the water to public faucets located near the houses of Kareka Nduku residents using gravity. Our pumps use electricity, each pumping +-48,700L/day for the second Hamlet and +- 20,000 L/day for the third Hamlet.


Kareka Nduku Data

Hamlet 1 Data

647 Villagers


73 Meter


6930 WP


~48,700 L/Day


Hamlet 2 Data

289 Villagers


50 Meter


6930 WP


~20,000 L/Day


Our Implementation Journey

Day 1

Upon arriving at Kareka Nduku, we were welcomed by the Village Head and villagers. We were able to get to talk and get to know them. We also held a technical meeting with them to prepare for the next day.

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