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Water for


Project Year


Project Brief

Mbuit is a village located in the West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The nearest water source to this village is located in the lowlands around the village, while Mbuit village itself is situated at a higher elevation. This place is a home for 794 residents and they require to walk 4km just to bring back two  buckets of water. This project built a solar pump to distribute the water near Mbuit Village for their daily needs. Though this, we hope that the entire community won’t need to walk for 2-3 hours to get clean water.

Project Details


794 Villagers


4.450 Wp

Pipe Length

2 Km


56 Meter

Average Daily Flow Rate

~55.000 L

Branches in charge

Solar Chapter LA

Solar Chapter ITB

Implementation Journey


Day 1

Our implementation team arrived in Mbuit. Our team immediately met the residents as well as the head of the village and briefed them on tomorrow's activities. On the same day, they paint the reservoir.

Financial report

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