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Project Year


Project Brief

Naisau Village, located in the district of Malaka, East Nusa Tenggara, is a remote community facing unique challenges. The village is home to 523 villagers from 145 registered families, with an equal distribution of genders. The livelihood of the majority of residents in Naisau revolves around agriculture and livestock. However, their income is highly dependent on unpredictable weather conditions and unstable harvest periods, given the village's geographical location. Unfortunately, Naisau is lagging behind its neighboring villages in terms of community development primarily due to the scarcity and limited access to clean water. This issue is particularly urgent considering that most villagers in Naisau are farmers. Therefore, ensuring access to clean water is of utmost importance for the well-being and progress of Naisau Village, and addressing this need cannot be overlooked.

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Project Details

523 Villagers


94 Meter



26.150 L/Day


600 m

Pipe length

Branches in charge

 Solar Chapter Melbourne

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