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Project Brief

Nanin Village is a remote village in Malaka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara consisting of eight hamlet with 1005 villagers. Most of the local people are farmers, who depend a lot on water. Nanin village has four springs but only one can be used as the main water source. Moreover, the residents of Nanin Village have to walk 2 km every day to fetch clean water and bring it home so that they can meet their daily needs. The hospitality of the local people can be felt from the moment we first set foot in the village for a site visit. We were greeted with snacks as well as a warm smile.

Project Details


1.005 Villagers


1980 WP


30 meter


60.000 L/Day

Water for


Implementation year: 2023

Status: Running

Implementation Journey


Day 1

Our implementation team arrived in the local parish of Kabupaten Malaka (Paroki St. Mikhael Biudukfuho) on the evening of January 4, 2023. It was an 8-hour drive from Kupang to the local parish, passing through some smaller cities in the island of Timor.

Financial report

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