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Water for


Implementation year: 2020

Status: Running

Project Brief

Nibaaf Village is located in the Timor island in East Nusa Tenggara which houses over 865 villagers. The villagers need to walk on average 1.5 km from their homes to obtain water, which takes approximately 2 hours per day.


We worked with PAMSIMAS and found out that to fulfill the needs of the villagers of Desa Nibaaf, each person would need 41 L. Considering that there are 865 villagers in Desa Nibaaf, they would need 36000 L per day in total.

Our first site visit took place in January 2020, while the pump was finally implemented in January 3-6 2021. The implementation happened during the holiday season, so shipping was delayed and the implementation got pushed back. It was during COVID-19 as well so travelling and the shipping was a bit of difficult. Once it arrived, we proceeded with the plan. It took 5 hours to get to Nibaaf from Kupang. 

Project Details


865 Villagers


5,4 L/Min


81,7 meter


53.000 L/Day

Implementation Journey

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Day 1

During the first day, we assembled the racking and continued with the pump on the second day. The weather was not friendly but we still proceeded. We raced to the hill to see if the water flowed and it worked! We did a socialization with the villagers to talk about the technicalities, maintenance, explaining why water is important to raise a sense of responsibility and the importance of sustainability, which includes why they need a committee to be in charge of taking care of the pump.

Financial report

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