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Water for


Project Year


Project Brief

Tafuli village is located in Rinhat sub-district, Malaka regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The village consists of 274 families. Majority of its residents work as farmers. The residents obtain water from the Benenain River, where they have to walk through a slope with an elevation of 100 meters, 8-12 hours per day. The average income of Tafuli residents is Rp210.000.

Project Details


971 Villagers


16.380 WP

Pipe Lenght

3 Km


100 meter


32.000 L/Day

Branches in charge

Solar Chapter Vancouver

Implementation Journey


Day 1

The implementation team arrived at Biudukfoho parish and quickly organized internal activity planning sessions with the team for the next day's activities. The team also connected with the local to delegate jobs and responsibilities for a whole day implementation.


However, a logistical oversight occurred when the expedition’s vendor forgot to load customized accessories for the solar panel racking structure but thankfully the items arrived the next day

Financial report

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