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Water for


Implementation year: 2017

Status: Running

Project Brief

The limited access to clean water, for the people of Umutnana, made us aware of the substandard living conditions still experienced by many Indonesian citizens. It is a challenge to obtain clean water in Umutnana. More than 700 people in the Umutnana Village, East Nusa Tenggara, lack access to clean water. These villagers must walk two kilometers from their homes in order to obtain water. Each day they need to make three trips, which is about four hours of their time. Time that could be spent doing something productive or their own lives. This problem gave rise to the birth of Solar Chapter.

Umutnana Data

678 Villagers


100 Meter


78 L/Min


28,000 L/Day


Our Implementation Journey

Day 1

With a plan and design in hand, we journeyed to the Umutnana Village. We were received positively by the villagers, as we came to fulfill a promise we made in August 2017, that we would ease their efforts in obtaining clean water. As we built our solar water pump, the villagers were eager to help, aiding us in digging a route for the pipes, and constructing the solar panels. 

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