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Water for


Implementation year: 2022

Status: Running

Project Brief

Weimangoma village is located in West Sumba regency consisting of 1201 people. Most of the villagers work as farmers. They spend approximately 4 hours each day obtaining water by walking 1 km to the nearest source of water. The path becomes more challenging during the rainy season since it gets more slippery while the path is already steep.

Project Design and Simulation

Desain Weimangoma.png

For this project, Solar Chapter will build a solar-powered pump to pump water from the WeiLudang water source (the reservoir will be built by the Sumba Foundation) to the Paelu Pari distribution reservoir which is located on a higher ground, which is Hamlet 2. From Hamlet 2, the water will be distributed to Hamlets 1,3, and 4 using public taps.

Project Details


1.201 Villagers


45.000 L/Day


2960 WP

Implementation Journey


Day 1

We arrived at Tambolaka Airport and synced with our on-field team. It took 1.5 hours to get to Weimangoma. As soon as we got there, we were greeted by the village head and ate lunch together whilst discussing the implementation plan.


The pipes were already placed by the villagers early in the morning. We visited the Weiludang water source and checked the reservoir that Sumba Foundation built. Afterwards, we went back and ate dinner with the village head and discussed the next day's plans before resting.

Financial report

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