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Project Brief

Weimangoma village is located in West Sumba regency consisting of 1201 people. Most of the villagers work as farmers. They spend approximately 4 hours each day obtaining water by walking 1 km to the nearest source of water. The path becomes more challenging during the rainy season since it gets more slippery while the path is already steep.

Project Design and Simulation

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For this project, Solar Chapter will build a solar-powered pump to pump water from the WeiLudang water source (the reservoir will be built by the Sumba Foundation) to the Paelu Pari distribution reservoir which is located on a higher ground, which is Hamlet 2. From Hamlet 2, the water will be distributed to Hamlets 1,3, and 4 using public taps.


Weimangoma Data

1201 Villagers




2960 WP


~45,000 L/Day


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