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Project Brief

Wekeke village is located in Malaka District, NTT. However, the village still has difficulty providing water to meet the daily needs of the residents, especially for livestock and agriculture, which are their source of livelihood. Not only adults, even small children have to walk every day through steep terrain to reach water sources. Plus, the overflowing river water in January - May makes drawing water even more dangerous. Valuable time and energy that they should have used for studying, was confiscated for the journey to draw water.

Project Design and Simulation

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at

The illustration above is an illustration of the water supply project that we are currently working on for Wekeke Village. We will pump the water from the river to the reservoir using a submersible pump at the highest point powered by 19 solar panel plates because the area around the river is prone to flooding during the rainy season. Therefore, a well 200m from the river needs to be built to put the pump so that the pump doesn't wash away or get damaged

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 6.25.28 PM.png

The pump search process that we do begins by taking the total daily needs of the residents of Wekeke Village, which is around 55000 liters. Then taking the unpredictability factor into account we try to start looking for the type of pump that is able to provide an output exceeding the number the. From the available pump specifications, we determine that the pump with the specifications shown by the chart above is a pump that ideal for this project. The pump will be powered 100% by power solar panels, the pump requires 19 solar panels in series. Each panel has a power of 330 Wp, giving a total power of 6270 Wp.

Project Details


1.105 Villagers


6270 WP


78 meter


55.000 L/Day

Water for


Implementation year: 2022

Status: Running

Implementation Journey


Day 1

After arriving at Wekeke, we checked the conditions of all materials that have arrived as well as the water well condition and ensured that the water is already filled. We also divided the task for the next day with the villagers and the team

Financial report

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